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March results
In 2017, environmental problems intensified, many chemical company environmental clearance, facing the rectification production line, the replacement of equipment, sewage treatment, even the shutdown of the fate. The state of the environmental rectification and determination than ever is firm, no matter whether the enterprise is the local taxpayer, or industry leading enterprises, as long as the environmental selection does not pass, discriminatory treatment.

With fine chemical performance is also affected by the environment, especially the number of foreign orders increased, the amount of one-time purchase than the previous increase, the company supply pressure, because the upstream raw material prices, and even buy goods; a lot of peer enterprises by environmental protection rectification effect, production for the goods; many foreign building mortar plant began to turn to us, to work together.
 In 2017, for us, is a difficult year, but accompanied by the opportunity.

In 2017 March, HPMC hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose accounted for 42% of the total sales, followed by HEC hydroxyethyl cellulose accounted for 31%, and the total is more than ever, more than 5%. Hold the fine chemical industry has made a good start in 2017.

Address:909Room, 3Building, 655 Gaoji Road,Songjiang District,201601Shanghai, China  Tel:+86-021-57760209
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